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This website give evidence-based information about gender equality issues. The website is maintained by Professor Gijsbert Stoet, a Dutch psychologist living and working in the United Kingdom and working at Essex University.
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policy For policy makers who want to improve gender equality (with a focus on gender equality in education).
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bigi The Basic Indicator of Gender Inequality (BIGI) ranks 134 countries according to their level of gender inequality. The BIGI is an alternative to other measures of gender inequality, such as the Global Gender Gap Index.
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boys Boys have some specific problems and needs in education. For example, boys fall behind girl’s achievement from pre-primary to university education. Boys struggle more, in particular, with language, and also show more behavioral problems.
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girls Although girls generally do better than boys at school, they have specific problems. For example, girls' self-confidence and anxiety often underestimate their actual achievement. Girls are less likely to choose natural sciences and technical subjects, which limits their later opportunities.
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paradox Countries with more gender parity in income and political representation have a lower percentage of young women graduating in the natural sciences and technical studies (STEM). For many people this will come as a surprise. Why does this happen and what can be done?
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Professor Gijsbert Stoet provides consultancy to educational organisations in regard to gender equality provisions. For example, on topics such as:

  • Girls and STEM education

  • The boy problem, underperforming boys

  • Gender gaps in educational achievement

  • International perspectives on gender gaps

  • How to create a positive school policy to gender

  • Theoretical and practical views on gender equality and equity

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